Welcome to the camping ministry for the Churches of God of Prophecy in Tennessee, Camp Hickory Hills. We are delighted that you are interested in serving the youth and children of Tennessee with us. This training guide is designed to help prepare you to serve in our camping ministry, and hopefully, in Tennessee Youth and Children’s Ministries by doing the following things:

  • To inform you of legal and other necessary obligations
  • To assist you in discovering and / or pursuing your spiritual gifting(s) and calling(s)
  • To educate you in working in the altar / personal prayer ministry
  • To mentor you in your calling and/or spiritual gifting(s)
  • To instill in you the importance of servanthood and servant leadership

This training will be offered at the campground (or other selected sites) during ONEDAY Camp Workers Retreat in the spring. You must satisfactorily complete Track 1 of this training in order to work as an SIT in camp.

This training includes multi-year tracks. While we may not be able to train you for absolutely everything, there are some specifics to the camping and youth / children’s ministries for which we are going to attempt to prepare you. In each individual’s first year as an SIT, he / she will complete the first general track. In the second (and subsequent) track(s), specific classes will be offered as SIT curriculum for those desiring to work as cabin leaders, worship/music staff, kitchen staff, and other auxiliary staff. These tracks will usually be offered with a classroom component along with a direct mentoring experience where purposeful, hands-on training can take place with seasoned, experienced camp workers. SITs who desire to “test the waters” in various staff positions will be allowed to rotate as needed and as approved by individual camp directors and the camp coordinators.

Also as a part of the training process, you will be evaluated by various leaders in the camping ministry. Your immediate supervisor (staff person to whom you are assigned), dean, SIT coordinator (as much as possible), camp director, and camp coordinator (as much as possible) will complete an evaluation of you at the close of each camp in which you work. This is not a basis to judge you, but rather to gauge your performance throughout the week. These evaluations will assist the directors and coordinators in deciding if you are ready work camp as full staff or if you need more time in training situations before we allow you to work alone.

While our primary focus is on training youth for working with other youth and children, we also recognize the need for ongoing training for all camp workers, even those who have been working camp for many years. We encourage all seasoned, experienced camp workers to attend the training sessions being offered as a means of reminding, re-educating, and preparing ourselves even better to reach the young harvest.

Questions about training? Email Jeff & Kimmy.

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