If you are in middle school & 11 years old to college age up to 25, we want to invite you to our Spring Get REAL Local Events! Moms, you are invited to attend as well.

The Theme is UNSHAKEN!
Psalms 62:6
Truly he is my rock and my salvation; he is my fortress, I will not be shaken

In a world turned upside down by the 2020 pandemic, political chaos, loss of friends and loved ones, and social divides, what do we have that has not been shaken? The truth is, this world is NOT our home. It is shaken by many things on a daily basis. It impacts our lives, our families, our churches, the economy, and so on. If we put our faith in things that pass away…our faith goes with them. If we place our faith in Jesus Christ…that is a sure foundation that CANNOT be shaken. If we build our faith on Him…our faith will remain. We will not be shaken.

3:00 PM – Door Open
3:30 PM – Break Out Sessions
4:30 PM – Craft/Rec
5:30 PM – Supper Time
6:30 PM – Worship & Word
8:00 PM – Dismiss

This is a free event.
We are asking for love offerings to cover the provided food and drinks.
Register below so we can get an estimate on attendance.




Questions? Email us.