Staff & Directors

Kim Batson

Camp Coordinator
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Kim Batson holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology. She works in the mental health field as Program Manager and is responsible for leadership development at the Mental Health Cooperative. Kim has held several positions during her 17 years at the Mental Health Cooperative. She is a member of the Thrive Advisory Counsel for Adult Ministries in Tennessee and also serves as the Children’s Ministry Coordinator & Camp Coordinator in Tennessee. Kim sees the importance of mentoring and developing leaders. Kim has a passion for people and has dedicated her life to the ministry to children and developing leaders.

Eric & Lori Washburn

Senior Camp Directors
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Pastors Eric and Lori Washburn love Youth Camp and have both been working in camps for over thirty years. They have served in nearly every staff position, including Camp Directors and Camp Board Members. The Washburns have worked camps in Alabama, California (Lori), Georgia (Eric), Great Lakes Region (Eric), Mississippi, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and West Virginia.
Eric and Lori share, “Our vision for Senior Camp is that it will be a fun and exciting week in an environment that is ripe for spiritual and relational growth where intentional discipleship and leadership training serve as a launching pad for leadership deployment.”

Bill & Kim Meadows

Pre-Teen Camp Director
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The Meadows family have a love of camp! Going all the way back to camp at Pickett State Park and Fall Creek falls, where Bill and Kim both attended as campers. They both began working camp at Camp Hickory Hills, and have both worked from Big Shot to Senior Camp in multiple capacities, including Worship, Recreation, Secretary, Deans, and Cabin Leaders.

They have two children who love camp every bit as much as Bill and Kim. Reese is 20 years old and an Electrical Engineering major at TTU. He has gone to camp every year since age 6 as a camper, until old enough to work camp. He now serves in recreation, and serves on the praise team as a drummer. Jurnee is 18 years old and attends Christian Academy of the Cumberlands. She started attending camp at age 5, and usually attends several camps each camping season. The joy she has while on the campground is absolutely contagious!

The Meadows family are privileged to serve in many different areas at their local church. The whole family serve on the worship team. Kim and Jurnee are involved in expressive movement, as well as the children’s department. Bill and Kim serve as the youth and young adults pastors.

Shay Griswell

Junior Camp Director
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Growing up as a camper at Camp Hickory Hills, Shay fell in love with the camping ministry at a very young age. She now enjoys serving (with endless love and support from her family) at every opportunity that she has. Shay’s husband, Ronald, works tirelessly behind the scenes helping to build and paint props and decorations, and anything else that is needed. Their daughters, Taylor & Peyton, also began attending camp at a young age and now volunteer each summer, giving back to the ministry that has meant so much to this family. Taylor’s husband, Patrick, fell in love with CHH at the first event he attended, and has began serving alongside the family since.
This family is thankful to serve the camping ministry. Their desire is to see more young people come together in fellowship, learning and growing in their relationships with Jesus and with one another. They can’t wait to see what God has planned for Junior Camp each year!

Charles & Missy Thornburg

Big Shot Camp Directors
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The Thornburgs love camp! Charles began working camp in North Carolina at age 15 and has worked at least 28 years. Missy began working in Alabama when she was 14 and many, if not most, years worked multiple camps. She has worked every summer except the year she & Charles got married and maybe one other summer. Together, they have worked camps in Georgia, Alabama, & Tennessee. While in Georgia, they directed Collegiate Camp & Freshman Camp.

Their children share their love for church camp. Jonathan & Katelyn have been to camp every year since before they were born. Jonathan’s first experience as a camper was at age 5. He began working at age 12. Katelyn’s first experience as a camper was when she was 3 at a camp for ages 3-5. She began working at age 10. Caleb has been at camp each summer since he was a year old. His first experience as a camper was at age 5.

Their family is grateful for the opportunity to serve in this ministry. They are excited to introduce children to the camping experience and encourage them on a lifelong journey of loving Jesus! They love the excitement of the Big Shot Camp age group and look forward to all God has in store!